Specialised in manufacturing of composite parts


Relying on this solid experience, our company has developed its expertise in the Bathroom and Toilet sector, for the Construction Industry.

Based in Saint-Nazaire for 25 years, Polyecim is specialised in the design and manufacturing of composite parts. It has developed its expertise in cutting-edge sectors such as Ship Building, Yachting and Caravanning.

Our ability to innovate has enabled us to create a prefabricated shower cubicle, with a system that is particularly suitable for hotels and collective accommodation.
Our cabins will surprise you with their simplicity, fast installation, design and the comfort they provide for your guests.
Do you have a construction or renovation project? Our engineering department will help you design and fit a cabin that matches your plans.
Do you want to stand out with a particular colour or appearance? Composite materials enable complete freedom in the shapes and appearance, guaranteeing resistance and easy maintenance.
Our professionalism has already attracted serious credentials, in France and in the export market.

Our experience in composites for bathrooms, in design, our ability to listen to the market’s expectations has enabled us to design a functional and innovative shower.

➜ A ready to use cabin, fitted and connected in under 2 hours
➜ A single block cabin, without joints nor connections, preventing leaks and mould
➜ Composite materials that facilitate and reduce maintenance, withstanding the test of time
➜ Sanitary gelcoat that meets the highest standards of hygiene and aesthetics.
➜ The clue: a removable top and the size enables it to pass through standard doors, ideal for renovation works
➜ Many possibilities to adapt it : shape, colour, appearance (granite, tiles, etc)

This solution is suitable for all types of collective accommodation.



We aim at shaking conventional thinking about modular bathrooms

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